• MuscleMate™ is an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of myofascial pain and associated movement and postural dysfunctions. "Myo" refers to muscle, and "fascia" to the elastic web of connective tissue that spreads throughout your body and ties it together. Muscles and fascia work together to support your body and facilitate movement.
  • Most people understand what a muscle is … however fascia is a lot more complex and today is still not fully understood. Fascia is connective tissue which forms a tough three-dimensional web that surrounds every other tissue in the body from head to toe without interruption. It surrounds nerves, bone, vessels and muscles. Fascia also covers every fiber within each muscle and
  • organizes muscles into functional units. In its normal healthy state, fascia is relaxed and able to stretch and move without restriction. Myofascial pain is associated with tenderness that arises from trigger points (focal points of tenderness, found at multiple sites in a muscle) and the fascia of muscle tissue. Commonly associated with "sling systems" described by Tom Myers in Antomy Trains.

What is MuscleMate™

MuscleMate™ is a light weight massage tool developed by Medical Professionals to assist in treating patients with a range of musculo-skeletal and emotional problems. They wanted something that could not only use in clinic, but could prescribe for patients to continue self-treatment at home or work.

The MuscleMate™ design has evolved to improve grip and feel by incorporating biological design principles and micromechanics to maximize the interface between it and the skin and the underlying tissue we are trying to facilitate.

The MuscleMate™ is manufactured in Australia using a high quality polyurethane integral skin foam. This comprises a low density foamed core surrounded by a high density skin of the same material, made in a single molding operation. It feels good in the hand and great on the skin.

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MuscleMate™ Uses

The MuscleMate™ is both an assessment and a treatment tool.

Assessment - Use the MuscleMate™ to assess any fascial tightness or trigger point spasming by perceived pain or tissue restriction. By recording changes to specific anatomical locations you can both measure and observe tissue changes before and after treatment. In this way dysfunction can be treated before structural and pathological compensatory changes are made.

Practioner Care - The MuscleMate™ enhances the depth and effectiveness of massage without causing fatigue to the hands or fingers. This is vital to ensure release of spasm and improve blood supply to the tissues concerned.

Self Care - The MuscleMate™ can be easily used anywhere, anytime. It makes "difficult to reach places” easy to massage. You can treat yourself just using your body weight.

Are you in pain? - Myofascial dysfunction is commonly felt as general muscle pain, sciatica, tendonitis, joint pain and muscular stiffness, general muscle fatigue, osteo-arthritic pain, back ache, headaches, or sporting injuries. Then you need the MuscleMate™. The MuscleMate™ is a self help massage tool which can also be used to massage others. The MuscleMate™ can help prevent and treat muscular pain and other muscular disorders caused by Myofascial Dysfunction.

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